Lloyd’s Agency

Carpenters Shipping is the Lloyd’s agent in Fiji and acts as Surveyor and Settling Agent for the over one hundred Insurance companies around the world. We conduct or arrange surveys on ships and cargoes for insurers and commercial interests throughout the world and granted authority to adjust and settle claims arising under Lloyd’s certificates of insurance. We provide a high quality survey and adjusting service for the Lloyd’s marine insurance market. Today many underwriters and their assureds throughout the world utilise the services of Lloyd’s Agents and evidence of this is usually reflected in the wording of cargo insurance certificates which often incorporate the clause: “In the event of loss or damage which may result in a claim under this insurance immediate notice should be given to the Lloyd’s Agent at the port or place where the loss or damage is discovered, in order that he may examine the goods and issue a survey report”. It should be noted that in carrying out surveys or other tasks, whether for insurers or other principals, the Agent is being employed directly by these parties and is not acting as an Agent of Lloyd’s underwriters unless specifically instructed by them. Additional Roles We Lloyd’s Agents are traditionally known for conducting a variety of marine surveys. With the increased scope and complexity of modern insurance many Lloyd’s Agents have widened their activities into other fields including aviation and non-marine surveys and investigations. Although much of the routine work of Lloyd’s Agents relates to cargo loss or damage, there is a wide range of other cargo and/or hull related survey activity carried out by Lloyd’s Agents worldwide. These include: draft surveys, bunker surveys, ship damage and collision surveys, on-and-off-hire condition surveys, pre-shipments surveys and cargo out-turn surveys. Electronic Reporting We the Lloyd’s Agents are equipped with software which allows for the electronic completion and transmission of all the Lloyd’s standard surveying and claims adjusting forms and schedules. Survey reports and other standard forms can now be sent to principals via e-mail by most Agents upon request. Principals will need the appropriate reader software to access the completed documents.